We suggest here some of our best itineraries within the town , more are possible on demand.

Special Itineraries

Gallery of the Academy + 1 hour walking tour 2 h    €. 80,00
Uffizi Gallery + 1,5 hours walking tour 3 h     €. 120,00
The prices of the museum tickets are not included

Historical Centre

Centro Storico Firenze

From Piazza San Giovanni , the religious center of the town, to Piazza della Signoria , the political center , we walk across the narrow streets of the medieval Florence talking about its history and the history of the most important families ,who used to live there. A jump into the past….

The duration of the visit 2 h           €. 80,00

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The Savonarola Itinerary


A tour based on the life of this Dominica friar that at the end of the 15th century changed the lifestyle of the city. We start from the Dominican church of San Marco where Savonarola was prior ,then we move to the religious center where he used to give his most fervent sermons and we finish our tour in Piazza della Signoria where he was hung and burnt on May 23rd.
The duration of the visit 2 h           €. 80,00

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Exploring the Other SIde of The Arno: THE OLTRARNO


A walking tour along the left bank of the Arno river, visiting the squares, churches and palaces which characterized the life of the other side of the Arno river.
We will walk across the narrow streets of the Oltrarno, where one can still find hundreds of little shops where craftsmen and artisans work. A district that still maintains intact  the lively characteristics of the traditional neighborhoods and where one can enjoy the sight of the outstanding Piazza Santo Spirito with its historical market.
The duration of the visit 2 h                  €. 80,00

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Amerigo’s Vespucci Tour

Amrigo Vespucci

A tour dedicated to the Florentine navigator that gave the name to the American continent.
We will move in the district where he was born starting from the hospital of S.Giovanni di Dio founded by the Vespucci’s family in 1380 and enlarged in 1702-13 following Carlo Andrea Marcellini ‘s project.
The hospital incorporates the apartments where Amerigo Vespucci was born in 1454.Then we will visit the outstanding church of Ognissanti where we can see the Vespucci’s Chapel frescoed by Domenico del Ghirlandaio and we will then proceed with a walk along the right bank of the Arno river.
The duration of the visit 2 h             €. 70,00

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Medieval and Renaissance Itinerary

Medievale - Rinascimentale

A tour among the tower-houses and buildings of the medieval Florence in the area of Borgo SS.Apostoli, Piazza della Signoria, and Via del Corso , walking across the streets , which have witnessed the disputes between the Guelph party and the Ghibellines.
We will have a look at Palazzo Medici , the first Renaissance palace and residence of many members of the Medici family , Palazzo Rucellai, Palazzo Strozzi, Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, Palazzo Guadagni ecc…
The duration of the visit 2 h            €. 80,00

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The Medici Itinerary


A tour focused on the most important family in the history of Florence : The Medici.
We begin our itinerary from Piazza della Repubblica, where the Medici family settled after that they had moved from the countryside area of Mugello then we go to via Cavour, where the family built his fantastic Renaissance palace called Palazzo Medici Riccardi ; from there we go to the near church of San Lorenzo , the first Florentine cathedral and the mausoleum of the family.
We finish our itinerary going to Palazzo Vecchio ,the residence of the Gran Duke Cosimo I and to Palazzo Pitti ,where the family lived from mid of the 16th century till 1737 when the dynasty died out.
The duration of the visit 3h             €. 120,00

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The Bridges of Florence

Dei Ponti

A charming tour of the bridges which had characterized Florence’s history from the 13 th century: Ponte Vecchio (the Old Bridge),Rubaconte da Mandello bridge nowadays called Grazie bridge and the elegant Santa Trinita bridge
The duration of the visit 2 h               €. 80,00

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Itinerary of the Religious Orders

Medievale - Rinascimentale

With their arrival they changed the face of the town giving origin to the construction of big squares placed in front of the churches and convents where they had settled the end of the 13th century , we are talking of the Franciscan and Dominican orders.
The former settled in the eastern part of the town building the church of Santa Croce , while the latter in the west in the church of Santa Maria Novella.
The duration of the visit 2 h              €. 80,00

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Dante’s Itinerary

An itinerary on the most important Italian literate : Dante Alighieri


The tours starts from the Baptistery of San Giovanni where Dante was baptized, then we will walk till the outstanding Romanesque church of Santa Maria Maggiore where his teacher Brunetto Latini was buried.
Our next destination will be Dante’s district where the poet was born and where he lived till his exile. Here we will have a look at the fantastic small church of Santa Margherita dei Cerchi , where Beatrice Portinari ,the inspiring muse of Dante, was buried.
We will conclude our tour in Piazza Santa Croce where we can admire the monument dedicated to Dante sculpted by Enrico Pazzi in 1865 .
The duration of the visit 2 h            €. 80,00

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Florence Capital of Italy 1865/71

Firenze Capitale d'Italia

In 1865 when Florence became the capital of the new Italian Kingdom two architects Giuseppe Poggi and Luigi Del Sarto carried out a series of restorations that changed the face of the historical center forever.
We will look together at these changes that took place during these 5 years.
The itinerary will finish in the district of San Lorenzo where we will have a look at the outstanding Central Market built by Giuseppe Mengoni in 1869/70.
The duration of the visit 2 h                   €. 80,00

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Science and Florence

Galileo Galilei

The city where Galileo lived most of his life and died in 1642 , a museum dedicated to him and a tomb inside one of the most beautiful churches but science in Florence is not only Galileo Galilei let us lead you across all the scientific elements distributed along the streets of our town and you will discover a new exciting “Scientific” Florence!
The duration of the visit 2 h             €. 70,00

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A walking tour dedicated to your Kids.

Leonardo da Vinci’s incredible machines and the shop of Pinocchio

Leonardo da Vinci’s & Pinocchio

A walking tour dedicated to our kids in which we will visit the museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and its incredible machines situated in the center of the town at a stone’s throw from the Cathedral ; we will then move to the historical shop of Pinocchio.
The wooden puppet is one of the children of Florence and its fame has reached all the corners of the world.
And to finish we will go to the Disney Shop in Via Calzaiuoli , one the best children shops in town.
The duration of the visit 2 h   €. 80,00

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The Mistery Tour

The Mistery Tour
A walking tour across the most remote streets of the historical center where walls talk , telling us of an incredible past where Michelangelo , Dante, Leonardo and other important artists left the signs of their presence in a very subtle and hidden way……
The duration of the visit 2 h   €. 80,00

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Tour Outside Florence



A 20- minute trip by bus from the city center will bring us to the village of Fiesole where the first civilization that inhabited the Arno valley established in the 5th century B.C. I am talking of the Etruscans. It houses now an archeological site where one can see a Roman Theatre and an Etruscan Temple together with a small archeological museum , where all the finds of this site are on display.
The duration of the visit 2 h  €. 80,00

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The Medicean Villas of la Petraia and the Gardens of Castello

Villa Petraia e Castello

A fantastic visit to two of the Medicean Villas in the outskirts of Florence , where the members of the family used to go and look for some rest.
Villa la Petraia is known for the outstanding courtyard frescoed by Volterrano in the 17th century, while the Gardens of Villa Castello are considered the first Italian Gardens in history.
The duration of the visit 2 h   €. 80,00

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Badia a Settimo Monastery

Monastero di Badia a Settimo

Tour to the Monastery of Badia a Settimo in the outskirts of Florence with its immense structure and octagonal bell tower. The duration of the visit 2 h €. 80,00

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Certosa of Galluzzo

Certosa del Galluzzo

A visit to the Carthusian Monastery situated on top of a hill to the south of the city in the middle of nowhere .
Built in the 14th century thanks to the rich merchant Niccolò Acciaiuoli it is still inhabited by some friars belonging to the Cistercian order.
Inside it we can find the Palazzo Acciaioli , which is now used like an art gallery and where one can admire frescoes painted by Pontormo during his stay in the monastery.
The duration of the visit 2 h   €. 80,00

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The rates are valid for groups up to 25 people, over this number we apply a supplement of €. 3,00 to person.

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