Visits to Private Collections

The Bardini Museum


This private collection consists of sculptures, paintings, pieces of furniture and potteries from the ancient times till the Renaissance, collected by the antiquary Bardini.vThe show-pieces are some wooden sculptures of the Virgin Mary with her son by Donatello and the original bronze statue of the wild boar by Pietro Tacca.
The duration of the visit 1h                       €. 50,00

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The Davanzati Palace

Palazzo Davanzati

It is the most important house-museum of the 14th century which gives us an insight into the Florentine mediaeval life. It was restored to its original beauty in the 20th century
The duration of the visit 2h                   €. 70,00

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The Buonarroti House

Casa Buonarroti

This house –museum was built at the end of the 16th century by his nephew Michelangelo the Young.
It houses today the first two bas-reliefs of the greatest artist of all times : the Battle of the Centaurs and the Madonna della Scala, some of his sketches and drawings and many frescoes of important Florentine painters of the 17
th century.
The duration of the visit 2h                 €. 80,00

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Refectories Housing Frescoes of The “Last Supper”

I Cenacoli

–  S.Apollonia by Andrea del Castagno
–  Fuligno by Perugino
–  Ognissanti by Domenico del Ghirlandaio
–  S.Marco by Domenico del Ghirlandaio
–  S.Spirito by Orcagna
–  San Salvi by Andrea del Sarto
–  Della Calza by Francabigio
–  The Cloister dello Scalzo by Andrea del Sarto

The duration of the visit is 2 h with a minimum of 3 refectories €. 80,00

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The Stibbert Museum


In the beautiful palace Stibbert of the 19th century is housed a private collection consisting above all of weapons collected by Frederik Stibbert in the 19th century during his life and the most important Japanese overseas collection of items.
The duration of the visit 2h                    €. 80,00

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The Martelli House

Casa Martelli

This palace situated in the Medici district exhibits one of the most important private collection of paintings, which includes works by Cosma Turà, Salvatore Rosa and Luca Giordano among other things.
The duration of the visit 1h                €. 50,00

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The Archeological Museum

Museo Archeologico

One of the most important archaeological museums in the world. It houses the most exhaustive Etruscan collection in the world and outstanding Roman and Egyptian ones.
The duration of the visit 2h                €. 80,00

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The Medici Palace

Palazzo Medici Riccardi

It was the first Renaissance palace built in 1444 by Michelozzo.
It houses the famous Medici Chapel frescoed by Benozzo Gozzoli with “the Parade of the Magi”, where all members of the Medici family are depicted.
The duration of the visit 2h             €. 80,00

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The Horne Foundation

Fondazione Horne

t is a house-museum that exhibits important paintings and pieces of furniture of the Renaissance period. Among the most important works housed here are the Saint Stephen a painting by Giotto and a daybed of the 15th century.
The duration of the visit 1h                     €. 50,00

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The Siviero House

Casa Siviero

This is the house-museum of the first 007 in art history.
Here one can find some paintings of the so called Giotteschi , followers of Giotto , wooden sculptures of the 15th century and recent works by Giorgio de Chirico

The duration of the visit 1h                   €. 50,00

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The Museum of Galileo Galilei

Museo Galileo Galilei

One of the most modern museums in the world which houses a collection of over 5000 pieces and incudes the scientific instruments collected by the members of the Medici family, among which are the original lens of Galileo’s telescope.
The duration of the visit 1h                      €. 50,00

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Chiese Museo

A visit inside the most important churches of Florence, real museums, full of works of art.
The most important ones are the church of Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Maria del Fiore and San Marco.

The duration of the visit is 2 h with a minimum of 2 churches                €. 80,00

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The tariffs are calculated for groups up to 25 people , beyond this amount we apply a surcharge of Eu 3 per person.
The tariffs do not include museum tickets.

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